The Prana Tribe's Children's Affirmation Cards

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Children's Affirmation Cards

1 deck provides 10 breakfasts to impoverished school children

Do you want to fill your child with self-love? Do you want to help protect your child emotionally from bullies and peer pressure?
The Prana Tribe's Children's Affirmation Cards are a large sized deck (3.5" x 5.75") of 45 rhyming affirmation cards designed with your child in mind. They feature ten peaceful children and dreamy watercolor chalky backgrounds that will put your child at ease and drift their mind, body and spirit to a place of peace. The rhymes are powerful and easy to memorize, so they can become part of your child's inner voice starting now and leading your child all the way into adulthood. Also, included is a handy instruction card and tips for parents. By making this purchase, you are adding 45 influential affirmations to your child's emotional toolbox which teaches them that self-love is the best kind of love. Most importantly, they are simple to use!
Some of the many benefits of these cards are they:
  • Boost self-esteem and self-worth
  • Increase self-love
  • Promote healthy self talk
  • Allow your child to feel free to be who they are
  • Add more contentment and joy to your child
  • Encourage emotional resilience and make your child more adaptable to change
  • Bring focus and concentration, which allows your child to do better in school 
  • Encourage resilience and make your child more adaptable to change
  • Help control and manage thought patterns
  • Give your child an easily referenced toolbox for handling life situations
  • Assist with behavioral issues
  • Help your child tap into their inner strength
  • Promote creativity
  • Are a tool to ward off bullies
  • Help your child resist peer pressure
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