The Problem

Though food is the most basic of any human need, childhood hunger is a very real and very devastating reality for many children.  One out of every six children in the United States face hunger.  These children are deprived of more than food.  Childhood hunger puts them at a serious disadvantage in life.  From health conditions to hospitalizations and from developmental impairments to social problems, hunger causes struggles and hardships.

1 in 6 children face hunger

Eating a nutritious breakfast sets the tone for the day.  Breakfast provides essential nutrients to give the body energy and brain the fuel to focus.  While we know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, millions of children have no choice but to go to school with an empty belly and hunger pangs.  Instead of being able to concentrate on their schoolwork, they are focused on the growling in their bellies.  

13 million US kids go to school hungry

The Solution

By working together, we can fight childhood hunger.  Billy Shore, Founder and CEO of No Kid Hungry, said, "Poverty is complicated, but feeding a child is not."  Together, we can eradicate childhood hunger.  We can set children up for a lifetime of success.  Since the start of No Kid Hungry, 2.8 million children have been able to eat breakfast on a regular basis.  

no kid hungry breakfast

The "Bring them Breakfast" Program

With breakfast being the most important meal of the day, we are helping children in need start with a healthy and full belly, more focus and the energy they need to have a more successful day.  We decided to join the No Kid Hungry team to do our part in helping children eat a healthy breakfast. For every deck of cards sold, 10 breakfasts are provided to impoverished school children. 

10 breakfasts with purchase